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Jeremy Courtney

Jeremy is a Texan peacemaker who lives (and loves, as he says) in Iraq. He is co-founder of the Preemptive Love Coalition, an Iraqi-based international development organization providing lifesaving heart surgeries to Iraqi children and hands-on training for local doctors. Jeremy’s memoir about the charity’s profound experiences in wartorn Iraq, Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time, was published by Simon & Schuster imprint Howard Books in October 2013. Read more

Jeremy has told Preemptive Love’s awe-inspiring story of international and interfaith cooperation at the 2012 Q Conference, two TEDx conferences (Austin, Texas and Bagdad), and, last spring, on the eve to the 10-year anniversary of “Shock and Awe,” he spoke in New York City and Washington, D.C., with author-journalist Greg Barrett and The Simple Way’s Shane Claiborne.

Jeremy’s talks focus primarily on his charity’s mission and on the narrative of his book — Love first, ask questions later; Pursue peace by unmaking violence; Remake the world through compassion — but each talk can be tailored to emphasize the following:

– religion and interfaith relationships

– current events

– diversity

– culture & society

– motivation and self-help

Jeremy’s personal history is irrevocably woven into Preemptive Love’s. He and his wife, Jessica, first visited Iraq in 2006 with hopes of serving those who were suffering the most during the ongoing war and reconstruction. Three years earlier, they had moved to the Middle East to help stimulate the economy of an impoverished area in eastern Turkey. But after seeing the acute needs of Iraqis, the Courtneys moved even farther east (and south) to Iraq. It’s where they live and work today, raising their two young children, Emma and Micah. They see their work through Preemptive Love as a way of living out their identities as followers of Jesus– loving the most down and out of the world’s people as an expression of their love for God. Although they reside unarmed in a nation flagged by the US State Department as too dangerous for Americans, Jeremy says his greatest fear is this:

“Staying alive with no great purpose.”



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Greg Barrett

Greg is the author of two nonfiction books on social justice and is a veteran journalist who’s reported from around the world. At the lectern he’s a storyteller passionate about the politics of Washington and Wall Street, peacemaking, the military industry, and the ever-widening economic divide. Fired by first-hand experiences that show people everywhere to be more alike than different, Greg aspires to inspire a lasting change in how cultures and religions relate to one another. Read more

In 2003 he was a national and foreign correspondent based in the Washington bureau for Gannett News Service/USA Today when he first reported from the streets of prewar Iraq. He returned there in 2010 with activist-author Shane Claiborne and several other Christian peacemakers in an effort to tell the redemptive story of Rutba. The Gospel of Rutba: War, Peace, and the Good Samaritan Story in Iraq was published by Orbis Books in hardcover and ebook in 2012; in early 2013 it was also published in paperback. In June 2013, the Catholic Press Books Awards honored The Gospel of Rutba with third place in its category of Faithful Citizenship– a category that reviews books about contemporary political issues and the formation of conscience.

Greg’s first book of nonfiction, The Gospel of Father Joe: Revolutions & Revelations in the Slums of Bangkok, is the story of Catholic priest Rev. Joe Maier of Longview, WA. For more than three decades Father Joe has worked hand-in-glove with the Buddhists and Muslims of Thailand to build schools, orphanages, and AIDS hospices in the squatter camps of Bangkok. The book won a Nautilus Book Awards silver medal in 2009.

From his home in Northern Virginia Greg can travel to speak about the lessons found in the actions of peacemakers and Good Samaritans of Iraq and in the life of Father Joe. He can also discuss a journalism career that has placed him in the cordoned off corners of Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Israel, Jordan and Thailand.


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Timothy Kurek

Tim is a provocative Oregon-based author and speaker whose experimental memoir, The Cross in the Closet, is drawing national and international media attention. He’s been featured on ABC’s The View, Fox News Radio with Alan Colmes, CNN.com, MSNBC, among others, and he’s speaking at colleges, conferences and conventions from Australia to Europe and across the United States. Read more

To research and write his book, Tim, a 26-year-old heterosexual home-schooled by evangelical parents in Nashville, Tenn., pretended to come “out of the closet” for one year and live in the Bible Belt as a gay man. That year became a personal quest to understand a lifestyle that his fundamentalist upbringing had branded as an abomination to Christianity.

Ultimately, The Cross in the Closet is redemptive story of a former bigot searching for — and finding — Jesus in the margins.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu calls Tim’s book “a gift to us all.”



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Dreama Denver

Dreama is the widow of TV’s iconic actor, “Gilligan’s Island” star Bob Denver. In her book, Gilligan’s Dreams, and in speaking engagements, Dreama reveals Bob’s far more serious side. He retired from Hollywood to care for their severely autistic son, Colin, and along the way he won personal battles. Today, Dreama cares for Colin and leads the Denver Foundation, a nonprofit for special-needs families. Read more

New York Times bestselling author Homer Hickam calls Gilligan’s Dreams “the very human story of a man, woman and child who endured and ultimately triumphed by finding, giving and fighting for that tenderness and most often elusive of human emotions— love.” America’s Got Talent winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. says it’s “an inspirational must-read; a book you can’t put down, one that stays with you long after you close its pages.”

Dreama is a frequent guest of morning radio shows (Talk Radio 1370 podcast HERE, print and broadcast media (e.g., Fox News), and she owns the nonprofit radio station, Little Buddy Radio where she hosts her own morning show Sunny Side up. She is happy to assist in promoting your event with advance interview appearances.

In her writing, speaking and living example, Dreama attempts to capture the essence of agape— flawless, selfless, unconditional love.


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